This is us

Remote, Inclusive, Diverse and Friendly

We are embracing remote work and leveraging top talent from all corners of Sweden. With a culture of collaboration, self governance, and inclusivity, our team members can work from anywhere while still contributing to cutting-edge game development projects. Prefer an office? Ours is amazing!

Our belief

Our mission: The best place to work

A team from all walks of life, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. When everyone feels safe to contribute we can create games that truly resonate with players from all backgrounds. Our commitment is not just the right thing to do - it's the key to unlock our full potential


By valuing inclusivity, collaboration, and respect, we prioritize psychological safety, which leads to successful and enjoyable teamwork for creating excellent games.


We value colleagues who prioritize their team and project over personal ego, display genuine interest in their peers' work, and are comfortable with vulnerability and asking for assistance.


We trust our team members' expertise and empower them to make decisions that achieve the best outcomes for our projects, free from strict guidelines or icromanagement.

Our journey

Humble Beginnings, Humble Future

Founded in 2019, our studio was born out of a desire to create a company that puts its people first. With years of experience in the gaming industry, we recognized the importance of building a culture that prioritized team members' well-being, creativity and autonomy. Acquired in 2022 by Canadian company Spin Master we’re on a mission to create a casual puzzle title based off the Rubik’s cube IP.